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The reason she doesn't have a name her self, is because she IS Lauren Faust's OC, so no other name is given to her other then being Lauren Faust. Though have seen quite a few use Fausticorn when referring specifically to just the Pony.

Right, of course. What I meant is that there’s no widely agreed upon Pony-name.

Probably worth mentioning that the character presented in Moonfall is definitely not Ms. Faust, nor is it supposed to represent her in any way.

For the Mod: the Alicorn you are using as Celestia and Luna's mother... I've seen this pony in several places in the past ranging from the parent role like in your story to (I think) Lauren Frost's OC. She is the most mysterious OC in my opinion that I have found. Do you per chance know her name? I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE. Unlike other ponies such has Derpy, Octavia etc, the Bronys seem to have left this one untouched. Just curious. Thank you for your time. Aye-Dios.

As far as I’m aware, there’s no fan consensus on her name. 

Quetion to mod, how much time do you take to do a page of the comic?

It varies. If I’m actually doing it as a whole page, and there isn’t much background drawing to be done, I can usually go start to finish (sketch, draw, ink, color) in a day or so. If I have the whole day, anyway.

If I”m just doing one part at a time (say, doing nothing but pencils) I can usually do three or four. Again, if I have a whole day.

For Moonfall, I actually do things differently; I usually end up sketching about 20-40 ‘frames’ at a go, built around asks and such. Then I’ll go through, divvy them up into pages, and then ink and color them.  Usually winds up being a 3-4 page update that I’ll work on over the course of a week or two….or three, as the case may be.

It’s not the fastest method, I’ll admit, especially when I end up doing most of my drawing on my days off.